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Anneman's Card MagicAnneman's Card Magic
Have you ever done card tricks, and people yawned? Then you know what it means to be embarrassed and discouraged. The way out of this dilemma, however, is not immediate, but it is reliable: not only practice and a surer mastery of technique, but a more effective presentation, amusing and interesting routines, better showmanship. This book contains 112 such tricks, flourishes, sleights and manipulations.

Annemann's Card Magic contains impromptu tricks, performable with borrowed or unprepared cards, tricks with two decks, sleights using duplicates and "short" cards, tricks with faked and double-face cards, card transpositions, tricks with special decks, simple prearrangements and set-ups, poker demonstrations, and more! Annemann includes story tricks, spelling and counting tricks, his own card magic and manipulations used in professional acts. All the tricks have been personally selected by Mr. Annemann for their striking effect and entertainment value.

For each manipulation, sleight or trick, the author first describes the effect to be produced. Then, in a combination of clear, detailed descriptions and drawings, he tells the exact method needed to achieve the desired effect. Alternate methods, tips, histories, and an analysis of possible trouble spots make it easy to develop the tricks for a perfect performance.

For the advanced beginner or semi-professional who has some degree of card skill, the manipulations, tricks and routines, expertly described here by Annemann, will add to the dexterity and excitement of the performance, give hours of rigorous skill-developing practice, and help build a professional, interesting and well-rounded repertoire with cards.

Paperbound, 188 5 3/8" by 8 1/2" pages, 48 illustrations.

Price: 10.00