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Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris - Vol 1Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris - Vol 1
The author is one of the most entertaining and prolific inventor of card effects ever to grace the magical scene. He was persuaded to gather his best material together and add a host of new, previously unpublished works in a set of volumes which takes the reader through his years as a performer. Interspersed are new items and all are superbly illustrated by Tony Dunn. If you are a Paul Harris "junkie" then these are for you, and if you are not, then these works will make you one! This first book contains some 80 card effects of which 7 are new! Hard back, 310 pages, 8-3/4 x 11-1/4 inches, fully illustrated.
Effects covered in volume 1:-
The Light and Heavy Dime - a remake of Robert Houdin's famous Light and Heavy Chest using a common dime...which ends up permanently stuck in the most uncommon place. This will become the "Card-on-the-Ceiling" of Coin Magic.
Lip Balm - An organic, "naturally-gimmicked" coin box (a special brand of Lip Balm) that climaxes with a container full of Lip Balm.
Ultimate Rip-off - Dancing with the Last Piece - The ultimate bluff ending for Paul's Torn N' Restored Card ...twenty years later, a way to restore the last piece.
Creation - Patrick Martin's practical "workers" approach of producing a live moth to create maximum astonishment.
Shell-Shock - Gregory Wilson's practical technique for blowing a hardboiled egg right out of its shell...then finding a marked coin inside its yolk.
Tunnel Vision - A just-barely-possible way to make yourself disappear...using a rolled-up paper tube and more nerve than most of us possess.

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