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Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris - Vol 3Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris - Vol 3
By Paul Harris. Continues with some 76 effects of which 14 are new and a master index to all three books. Hard back, 320 pages, 8-3/4 x 11-1/4 inches. fully illustrated.
Effects covered in volume 3:-
The Anything Deck - Place a small packet of cards under the case...ANY word or name is called spread the packet to reveal the exact same word, written in thin black marker across the backs of the cards. A completely new principle for releasing deep astonishment.
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish - An anytime levitation of your favorite snack. Works just as well with burgers and fish fillets.
Bat Fishing - A spectator brings out any dollar and fairly selects eight cards. The numbers on the eight cards astonishingly match all eight serial numbers on the dollar...and you never touched the bill or the cards!
Leaf - You tear a leaf off someone's house plant...then press the torn stem back against the branch...where it takes root and restores itself back into a healthy growing leaf.
The Shuffling Lesson - You sit back and enjoy the show while you induce a spectator to unknowingly stack, false shuffle, then false cut a deck all by that she can deal herself the winning hand.

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