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Come a Little CloserCome a Little Closer
By John Derris et al. This is a book that spans 40 years of a unique friendship and a shared love of magic by eight London magicians, who in those years have been part of many major developments in close-up magic and several have emerged as legends in magic. The group consisted of Roy Walton, Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, John Derris, Arthur Holland, and Hugh Scott. All have made contributions to this superb volume with close up magic involving coins, sponge balls, cards, envelopes, bills, rings, and cigarettes. The book is also sprinkled with many historical photos. The effects described range from those requiring only basic skill required by any practising close-up magician but all require presentation - the very essence of good magic. Hard bound with dust jacket, 104 pages large format.

Price: 25.00