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Full Beginner Magic Course (adult)

There are between 6 and 17 people on each course, with a minimum age of 16. We have a wide variety of people attending, and we find that they are all very enthusiastic at the end to go out and try what they have learnt!

The course will run over three Saturdays, and will be from 11am to 3.15pm. Course materials and notes will be supplied.

If you wish, you can book the course of three lessons on-line, and your space would be reserved on the next course. The days on the course are transferable, so if you wished you could do the first day on one course, and the last two on the next for example. However each day builds on what's taught on the previous one, so we do recommend doing the days in order.

The course is aimed at those looking to gain a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of magic. We will be teaching the technical, presentation and misdirection techniques that are important for all types and levels of magic.

The course will include card, coin, sponge balls plus the classics of cups & balls, as well as other aspects of sleight-of-hand. The important aspects of presentation and misdirection will also be introduced and developed throught the course.

A basic course outine is below, however this may well change depanding on the specific requirements of the individuals:

Day 1:

Card Magic:

Overhand Shuffle,
Techniques for the overhand shuffle,
The double lift, forcing,
Constructing tricks,
Simple trick.

Non-Card magic:

Vanishing a silk,
Vanishing a silk into a larger one,
Other ideas,
Sponge balls.

Day 2:

Card Magic:

Swing cut,
Riffle force,
Multiple cut control,
Presentation theory,
Moment of magic.

Non-Card magic:

Rope Magic,
Coin magic:
Thumb clip,
Finger palm,
Ramsey subtlety,
French drop,
Spider vanish,
L'Homme masque,
Simple false transfer,
Simple hand vanish,
Thumb clip production,
Fading coin,
Additional notes and ideas.

Day 3:

Card Magic:

Overhand shuffle 2,
Glimpses (top card glimpse, bottom card glimpse),
The glide,
Colour changes (impossible turnover, slow motion change)
Key cards.

Non-card magic:

Cups and Balls;
Basic moves,
False transfer,
Basic routine construction.

"Good introduction to magic. Enthusiastic teachers."

"Both teachers excellent. Good pace, good demonstrations, very engaging, very clear explanations, good entertainment as well as learning!"

"The split between general magic and cards each week kept things moving. The enthusiasm of the presenters was great."

"Good fun. Would recommend to family and friends."

"Props and notes were very good. Ideal for practising at home later."

"A good variety of subjects and basics covered. Well taught, and good fun. Thank you all very much for your patience!"

"A good introduction to magic by some friendly teachers. Helpful people. Plenty fun."

"Astonishing! I really enjoyed it."

"Great range of lessons - great teaching - and fun."

Please note that tickets are transferable (given prior notice), but not refundable.

Price: 175.00