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Willane's Complete Methods for MiraclesWillane's Complete Methods for Miracles
Edited by Ray Hammond. Highly recommended by independant reviews in the "Genii" and "Linking Ring" and referred to as one of the best buys of the decade this magnificently illustrated manual of manipulation and general magic includes gems by some of magic's greats including Edward Victor, N'Gai, Gus Southall, Edward G. Brown, Peter Warlock, Fabian and Willane. Supported by the most perfect hand drawings ever seen you will be captivated by the rope effects, card manipulations, coin moves and effects, mentalist effects, sponge ball routines, cups and balls, false counting of cards, eleven card effect, thimble manipulation, diminishing cards, and so much more. Rae Hammond has meticulously edited the original manuscripts, added the missing Methods for Miracles and added notes which bring the whole up-to-date including some excellent biographical notes on the authors.
Soft back, 246 large format pages, 340 illustrations.

Price: 22.00