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A Demon exclusive so do beware of imitations. Although listed in the Close-Up section it is an ideal prop for stage work. This wonderful prop was used brilliantly by the late George Davenport, known affectionately as Gilly, and comes complete with a comprehensive booklet by Pat Page illustrated by Ali Bongo. This is a miracle and that is all! It's greatness lies in the fact that you simply make things disappear from in front of your audiences eyes! Isn't that what magicians are meant to do! You can do this surrounded by your audience, at a bar, on stage ... simply anywhere anytime! You can vanish anything from a pack of cards to a glass of whisky! Gilly Davenport often made a tumbler full of rice disappear leaving the tumbler empty! For the price it is a wonderful, wonderful prop that will last a lifetime but beware - it does need practice!

Price: 14.00