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Coin Through Rubber

Let us say now, that this effect is probably one of the finest with coins that you will ever encounter. Don't let the low cost put you off, as this effect rates with the best of them. You introduce a small drinking glass and the mouth of the glass is sealed by a piece of rubber banded around the rim. On top of the rubber lies a coin and you are about to perform the impossible. You place your finger on the coin and gently push it downwards. Suddenly the coin vanishes and is then heard to fall into the sealed glass. The spectator can immediately examine the apparatus and will find no entrance into the glass and the rubber is completely undamaged. There are no holes in the glass, or the sheet of rubber and there is no way in, other than by removing the banded rubber and even then ... no explanation can be found. This effect is self-working and only you will be able to do it, the spectator can try as much as he likes, but will not be able to emulate your remarkable feat. This is worth many times the price asked!

Price: 6.00