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Coin UniqueCoin Unique
The Coin Unique system can be used for many coin effects but our instructions describe two of the most popular. The first is that you simple place two coins on your own or a spectator's hand. Let's say it is a 1p coin and a £1 coin. You now close your hand into a fist (or the spectator's hand) and when the fist is opened up only one coin, the £1 coin, remains and that coin can be inspected. The second effect is that you use an empty match box. The tray is removed and say the 1p coin is placed in the tray. The £1 coin is now placed into the tray as well and the tray pushed back into the box. After a little shake, the spectator asked to open the box which reveals only the £1 coin in evidence. All the coins you need for both of these effects are supplied. They may vary from those detailed above but the principle is the same. Very easy to perform and no skill is required.

Price: 35.00