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Zombie BallZombie Ball

This weird and uncanny effect is nothing short of miraculous. The performer covers a silver coloured ball with a foulard and slowly and mysteriously it begins to rise beneath the cloth, floating slowly from its pedestal until it comes to rest at the top of the cloth. Suddenly it dives beneath the cloth and quite literally drags you across the stage. Equally as suddenly it stops and you whip away the cloth, but it has completely vanished! The cloth can be shown on both sides, but no trace of the ball is seen. You now hold the cloth outstretched before you and the ball reappears and travels to the top again, then finally descends back onto the pedestal and you take your bow. The above is just a basic routine. You will find books available with more complex routines for you to master. You need no assistants in order to perform this fantastic illusion made from polished spun aluminium. We supply the ball, gimmick, instructions, foulard but no stand.

Price: 35.00