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Arane Gaff Training DVD by Greg Wilson

Performed and taught by Greg Wilson, legendary card magician
• 23 newly developed, comprehensive routines..... Yes, twenty three.
• 10 essential sleights, forces, utilities & color changes
• Real world street performances help you see how strong gaffs are
• Dozens of brand new gaff ideas, cards and routines never before seen
• 56 outrageous gaff cards feature the artwork of ace Ellusionist designer Jason Brumbalow
• Directed by Brad Christian
• Many of these effects would sell for $15-$25 on their OWN
• Available in black and/or white
• Printed with tight standards at US Playing Card, fit a regular Arcane deck perfectly
• Long playing 2 hour DVD walks you through all facets of gaff work
• Over 30 effects are included with the deck/DVD package at a cost of less than $2 per trick. (Not to mention the dozens of tricks that spark YOUR creativity)
• The Arcane gaffs were designed by Greg Wilson, with help from Brad Christian and Jason Brumbalow... and Greg's secret weapon, "Jimmy the Grip".

Please note, this is the training DVD only, you would also require the Arcane Gaff Deck to use with the routibes described on the DVD.

Price: 35.00