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Rainbow Cascade

This is a COLOURFUL version of Roy Walton's original 'Cascade' where the original routine has been altered to incorporate brilliant colour changes from normal backed cards to quite stunning holographic material backed cards! To the late Terri Rogers must go the credit for the innovation of using cards with a special reflective material affixed which creates a stunning and totally unexpected finale.

Taking these things into consideration ' Rainbow Cascade' has become substantially different in effect to the original and is now regarded as a classic in its own right. A degree of basic card skill is required for this effect but the instructions do give full details of the moves involved and these are readily acquired with a little practice. Note that this is an exclusive Davenport item. To see it ... is to buy it ... a miracle! The stock used is the hugely popular Bicycle Poker sized cards. Comes complete with a handsome 6 page, A5 size art paper booklet of instructions. with a distinctive blue art board cover.

Price: 12.50