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Monarchs by Theory11Monarchs by Theory11
From Theory11, these are amasing quality playing cards, both in terms of design and feel. This is what Theory11 said about their new cards:

We didn't set out to raise the bar for quality playing cards. Our goal was to make playing cards fit for a king. The world's finest. The best.
After nearly a year of planning, design, and production, we invite you to experience Monarch Playing Cards. Monarch Playing Cards express elegance, clarity, and pride.
Simply put, Monarchs define excellence. We've pioneered new and fascinating ways to push the limits and raise the bar. We utilized imported, heavyweight paper for a soft feel, yet sturdy composition.
Gold foil surrounds the box design for maximum detail and visual impact. The gold metallic foil is vibrant, evoking a vintage, timeless aesthetic. The titling is embossed for pure and eloquent form.
These playing cards, and the tuck case, are fit for a king.
The cards are engineered with best materials and the highest standards. The cards are printed on Q1 quality stock with our signature Premium 909 Finish. "The feel is simply incredible." - Robin Carey, Reviewer
The design is a representation of regality and triumph.
Snakes twist around the evolution of sword and tree. Guiding the edges are the words "de duobus malis, minus est semper eligenoum." The back design is truly a masterpiece.
With Monarch's we didn't want to settle with adequate or even greatness - we wanted perfection, with an uncompromising eye for quality and durability.
We reprinted an ENTIRE run to ensure you experience what we set out to achieve. Join us as we change the way you experience playing cards.

Price: 12.00