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The Professor's Nightmare (Unequal Ropes) - DVD and ropes

This is a true classic of magic, performed by professionals and beginners alike.

The effect is that three unequal pieces of rope are gathered together, pulled, and made to be all the same length. Then, as a bonus routine, the three equal pieces of rope are made into one single piece.

This exclusive DVD explaines both the basic unequal ropes routine, and also the "3 to 1 rope" which is a perfect finale.

In addition, a number of variations to the routine are explained, as well as subtelties.

Due to the nature of this effect, it lends itself extremly well to story telling, and can be applied to any number of situations.

This is a complete set, the DVD comes together with the ropes. DVD running time 20mins, suitable for anyone 8+ years.

Price: 12.00