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Juxtaposition by Devonte DOWNLOADJuxtaposition by Devonte DOWNLOAD
The spectator is asked to choose between a red deck and a blue deck of cards. Let's pretend they chose the blue deck. The blue deck is placed inside their pocket (or handed to a friend to hold) until later. Great for walk around, as a different "thought of card" is possible every time.The red deck is slowly spread between your fingers as the spectator is asked to merely think of any card they see. Keep in mind this is a 100% completely free choice! Without ANY funny moves the card completely vanishes! Next you ask them to remove the blue deck from their pocket, they are surprised to see that inside is one red card, the mentally chosen card. Strong enough for any Professional act, Easy enough for a Beginner.

Instant reset! (Really!)
NO Forcing Card Selections
NO Rough and Smooth
NO Misprinted Cards
NO Switching Decks
NO Sleight of Hand
NO Memorizing
NO Gimmicks of ANY kind and NOTHING is ever written down.
Use ANY style deck.Instantly Resettable and Ready to Go, Could be a Different thought of card every time PERFECT for WALK AROUND."a great rendition of a Classic, absolutely brilliant"- Doug Edwards"This is the trick that got me on one of the largest T.V Channels overseas"- Devonte

Price: 23.00