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Master Card Technique Volume 3 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOADMaster Card Technique Volume 3 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
In a letter from 1872, Johann Hofzinser wrote, "Card effects are the poetry of conjuring" and long before Hofzinser penned those words and ever since, magicians have been displaying the many wonders inherent in a simple pack of playing cards. There is, perhaps, no tool at a magician's disposal that is more widely used. Needless to say, proper technique is the foundation for solid, deceptive card work and on this landmark three-volume series, experts Sepp Holzer and Andy EdmÙller have taken the most important concepts in card table artifice and legerdemain and have explained and demonstrated each in excruciating detail. Tight camera work, over-the-shoulder shots and even an angle shot from below through a glass tabletop all work together to make this series one of the most comprehensive card magic reference tools ever committed to video. This is your opportunity to learn (or re-learn!) these concepts, sleights and moves the right way. EXPERT MAGICIANS SEPP HOLZER & ANDY EDMULLER THE CENTER DEAL- The Stud Center- The Greek DealRIFFLE SHUFFLES- The Push Through - #1 & #2- The Strip Out- The Zarrow Shuffle- A Poker StackTHE CLASSIC PASS- Variations One thru FiveTHE TURNOVER PASS- Variations One thru NineMORE PASSES- The Gambler's Pass- The Table Cover Pass- The Herrmann Pass- The Top Card Cover Pass- The Half Pass #1and #2- The Charlier Pass #1 thru #3DOUBLE LIFTS- The Hit Double Lift- The Thumb Count Double Lift- The Push Off Double Lift- The Center Double Lift- Action Double Lift- Small Packet Double Lift- The D'Amico Double Lift

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