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Gambling Effects 2 by Fernando Keops video DOWNLOADGambling Effects 2 by Fernando Keops video DOWNLOAD
In this video, you'll see the esoteric skills of the card cheat used to accomplish effects that truly appear to be miracles. There's a great difference between card tricks and card magic, and what Fernando Keops performs in this exceptional presentation can only be classified as the latter. This is magic that's beautiful to watch and a joy to perform-and perform it you will as Fernando Keops, following the exciting performance, sits down and carefully teaches the devilishly clever methods behind each and every effect.


Think of a Card
2nd Deal Effects (Ace Through Ten)
Stop Trick
Jumbo Prediction
Bottom Deal Trick
Hand Mucking Prediction
Center Deal Demonstration
Center Deal Tips
Five Changes
Center Deal from 4 Parts of the Deck
Impossible Estimation
Special Bonus (performance only):

Aces and Kings
Point of Departure

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