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Open Dreams by Daniel Young and Davenports Magic

Have you ever experienced waking up one minute before your alarm goes off?

Have you ever wanted to perform Paul Curry’s, now classic, Open Prediction effect?

In Open Dreams, Daniel Young has combined the Open Prediction Effect with a meaningful presentation, that not only makes it extremely easy to perform, but also highly deceptive and with a double climax, that has never been seen in an effect of this kind.

The cards are dealt face up from a shuffled deck, until they say stop. One card is dealt face down. Not only do you predict the card they would choose, but even the time they set their alarm to.

You get the special pack, which can be examined and used before and after the effect. Also on this DVD you get detailed instructions of how to perform this effect in various situations and performing conditions, ranging from self-working to some sleight-of-hand required.

Included is the gimmicked deck of Bicycle playing cards and DVD.

Additional items required:

Sharpie pen(s) (either black or a red and black) and a small note pad.

Some Quotes:

“Daniel has just released Open Dreams and H2Oil and I’m glad he has. Both fooled my badly; and it’s not often I get badly fooled. I like the ‘twist’ to Open Prediction (Open Dreams) and I love the penultimate phase of H2Oil. Very puzzling! On a side note I’ve known Daniel for some time and he has a rare quality in this racket; he has bucket loads of ‘likeability’ which is, in my honest opinion, pivotal.” – Paul Gordon

“A wonderfully elegant, yet contemporary vision of the classic ‘Open Prediction’ plot. Daniel Young has put forward a relevant, amazing and most importantly, a perfectly workable take on this effect and has been generous enough to teach it in full detail on this DVD” – Dee Christopher

“A quirky and hard hitting effect that’s fun to perform, easy to learn and baffling to experience. ” – Looch (on Open Dreams)

Price: 25.00