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Chinese Sticks - miniChinese Sticks - mini

This is a true classic of magic that can be performed either close-up or to a group of people.

Two magic wands are shown, with a string going through the end of each. The wands are held together, and when one string is pulled the other one is seen to rise.

This does not seem very impressive as the audience assume a string going between the two sticks. The sticks are then seperated at one end, and the strings are again shown to act in unison. Again, the audience are not impressed as they assume a string going through the sticks from another way.

Finally, the two wands are seperated completely, and when one string is pulled the other is seen to rise up, with nothing inbetween!!!

This is a great effect that has natural entertainment value. It takes a little practice though is suitable for anone 7+ years.

Supplied are the two magic wands with strings, printed instructions. Wand length approx 9-inches (23cm).

Price: 12.00