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Spit Decision By Joe RidingSpit Decision By Joe Riding

This is an ingenious and easy to perform card trick that at first seems to have gone wrong, but finishes with an impressive three-way climax ...

Two packets of half cards are side by side on the table. One half is face-down and the other face-up.A full sized normal backed card which is inside a plastic holder and which the performer calls the 'prediction card' lies face-down in a prominent position.

It is explained that a 'coincidence' will be specifically created. Two half cards are to be freely selected by two spectators (or one if necessairy). When these are placed side-by-side they will match the 'prediction card' in the plastic wallet.

When the pieces have been chosen and are put together they are turned over only to show that the two pieces do not match, and do not make a complete card.

However .... the prdiction is then turned over to show that it is indeed made up of the two mismatched cards selected by the spectator.

In addition to this ... the packet of face-down cards that was used for one of the selections is now spread face-up, and shown to completely made up of blank cards, and that the spectator had chosen the only card from this packet with any face at all.

Next, the other packet is turned face-down for the first time, to show that all the backs are different, and that the other spectator had chosen the only card with a matching back.

Price: 15.00