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Canic (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawrence

Nothing beats magic with an organic tone.

A soda can is one of the most commonly seen objects around the world. Imagine grabbing any unprepared soda can off any one and then ripping the tab off. You place the tab on your spectator's open palm, take the can, and tap it to the sitting tab in your spectator's hand. The tab instantly seals back on the can.

Canic is a piece of situational miracle. Whether you want to leave a long lasting impression for your clients, impress the press at a press conference, or simply perform it to make a few friends, you have to try Canic to know how powerful it is.

Grab yours now.


"The visual is great and the can is completely examinable by the spectator at the end. I really liked this effect and I will be using the second handling and will keep the gaff in my wallet so I am always ready to perform. "
James Conti, Reviewer 4/13/2015

Price: 27.00