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Paul Harris Presents The PHP Creators Kit

Discover Your Inner Creative Genius!

Steel Shims, Neo Magnet Collection, Rubber Dam, Super Stretchy Elastic Thread and more!

The Creators Kit is a collection of must-have special materials for the do-it-yourself gimmick maker.

Kit Includes:
Ultra thin metal shim 3x3 (attracts to magnets) 2 pcs
18 Neo Magnets:
Magnet - 4 pcs 24x12.5x0.5 mm
Magnet - 4 pcs 10x10x0.5 mm
Magnet - 2 pcs 3x10 mm
Magnet - 4 pcs 5 x 0.5 mm
Magnet - 4 pcs 2x1 mm
Clear Plastic Acetate Sheets 3.5x2.5 2 pcs
Rubber Dental Dam 1 pc 0.18mm
Elite Elastic Thread 10 ft
Mohar Industrial Thread 16 ft
Monofilament Thread 32 ft
Century Magicians Wax 1pc
The Creators Kit also doubles as your gimmick repair kit!

Want to experiment with a new gimmick... or just feel the urge to create that next best selling magic effect?

Grab your Creators Kit and create something astonishing today!

The Creators Kit is for magicians looking for special materials to develop their own effects and to make/repair their own gimmicks.

No effects or instructions included.

Just play!

Price: 19.00