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Situational Sleights By Jonathan BishopSituational Sleights By Jonathan Bishop

Situational Sleights by Jonathan Bishop is not a book of two-minute variations based around easy sleights, but a collection of ideas which originate from someone who appears to be unaware of the limitations many of us place on ourselves and our magic. One of the tricks uses a straitjacket presentation – and in so doing breaks free from the strait-jacketed thinking prevalent in much of card magic. Many of us will look at certain sleights and think in terms of bad angles; Jon thinks about good angles; the right situation rather than the wrong one.

Jon’s is a slightly mad world of butterflies, hungry hippos, and fruit machines – and some rather difficult sleights. Even where the author has inadvertently reinvented some obscure sleight or idea, he has taken it to a level beyond the original; and clearly had a lot of fun in so doing. In any case, the end result is a book that will make you really think, instead of just sitting back and thinking, ‘That’s a nice handling’ – and then forgetting all about it.

144 pages, perfect bound 22.5 x 15.5cm printed book with card covers, with over 250 clear black-and-white photos.

Price: 20.00